Predictability Dynamics and Ensemble Forecasting

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Predictability, Dynamics and Ensemble Forecasting
Working Group Meeting
(Karslruhe, Germany, 21-22 May)




2.1 First meeting of WWRP Working Group on Predictability, Dynamics & Ensemble

presented by Richard Swinbank and Craig Bishop

2.2  Some Remarks from a THORPEX PDP Perspective
presented by Heini Wernli

3.1 Actions from WWRP SSC
presented by Paolo Ruti

3.2 Technical Commission for Atmospheric Science - World Weather Research Programme
presented by Sarah Jones and Paolo Ruti

4.1 HIWeather Project
presented by Olivia Rompainnen-Martius

4.3 The Sub-seasonal to Seasonal (S2S) Prediction Project -“Bridging the gap between weather and climate”
presented by Oscar Alves

5.1 WGNE
presented by Oscar Alves

6.1 TIGGE status report
presented by Manuel Fuentes

7.1 Stochastic parameterisation issues
presented by George Craig

7.1 Stochastic representation of the effect of subgrid-scale uncertainties in numerical model
presented by Judith Berner

8.3 Blockingworkshop - Reading 6‐8 April 2016 (tentative)
presented by Olivia Martius

9.2 Coupled Modeling
presented by Oscar Alves

9.3 Multi model ensemble challenge – initial/model uncertainties
Yuejian Zhu

9.4 Linkage between the research community and operational center - case examples -
presented by Masayuki Kyouda