Rolling Review of Requirements (RRR) - 1st Introductory workshop

Following the relevant outcomes of INFCOM-2 (INF 6.1(3)), EC-76 (Resolution 18), and the most recent INFCOM-MG-H2 session, WMO is going to conduct the 1st Rolling Review of the Observational Requirements (RRRintroductory workshop on 17 May, 10:00 - 12:00 (UTC).

Invited participants are Earth System Application Category (ESAC) Coordinators and representatives of the ESAC owners, Application Area (AA) Points of Contact (PoC) and AA owner representatives, representatives of JET-EOSDE, as well as the Secretariat staff involved in the RRR process.   


  1. Welcome & setting the scene – E. Grueter (SC-ON chair)  
  2. Welcome from the Secretariat - A. Fischer (D/WIGOS)   
  3. History and introduction to RRR – E. Charpentier (H/ONM)  
  4. PoC - Experience and lessons learned – R. Eckman (PoC)  
  5. Updated RRR & transition plan – R. Munro (JET-EOSDE member)  
  6. ESAC/AA governance and designation processes – K. Premec (SO/ONM)  
  7. Reference guide for PoC and Coordinators – K. Premec (SO/ONM)  
  8. Questions and answers / discussion – all participants  
  9. Closure – E. Grueter (SC-ON Chair)    

Questions and Answers