Symposium: Communicating Biometeorological Knowledge for Public Health

Exciting news for those invested in the intersection of weather, health, and communication: mark your calendars for the upcoming symposium on "Communicating Biometeorological Knowledge for Public Health." Scheduled for 5-6 September, this event will be hosted at the Historical University of Barcelona, Spain.

The symposium aims to tackle crucial issues within human biometeorology, delving into topics such as the impact of thermal conditions, air pollution, pollen, adaptation to climate change, architectural influences, urban solutions, and how weather phenomena affect productivity. However, what sets this gathering apart is its central focus on effective communication strategies in disseminating such vital information.

Organized in collaboration with the European Meteorological Society Media and Communication Committee, this symposium holds particular significance in highlighting the engagement of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) through its Regional Office for Europe and the WMO-WHO office. It serves as a platform to showcase the pivotal role of communication in integrated health science and services in the region.

Limited in-person spots are available, prioritizing lecturers, but virtual participation options are offered. Stay tuned for registration details on the event website: Communicating Weather and Well-Being : European Meteorological Society.

Don't miss this opportunity to exchange knowledge and shape the future of biometeorological communication!