THORPEX Africa 2012


THORPEX Africa Regional Committee meeting
(Geneva, WMO Headquarters,
8 - 10 May 2012)


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Meeting Objectives
Aïda Diongue Niang

Tetsuo Nakazawa

THORPEX Africa - Actions and Decisions from ICSC9
Jim Caughey

African THORPEX Status
Aida Diongue-Niang

Outcome of July 2011 Meeting
Benjamin Lamptey

AMMA phase 2 and THORPEX-Africa
Jean Philippe Lafore

Report from the PDP working group
Craig Bishop, Pat Harr, Thomas Jung (until 2011), Shuhei Maeda, John Methven (since 2011), Mark Rodwell (since 2011), Istvan Szunyogh, Olivier
Talagrand, Heini Wernli

Status of THORPEX-Africa and related activities
Data Assimilation and Observing Systems (DAOS) Perspective

Sharanya J. Majumdar

GIFS-TIGGE project
Richard Swinbank, and Young-Youn Park

Razafindrakoto Léon Guy

Scope case studies
Aida Diongue-Niang

Analysis of the 1997 Floods over East and Central Africa
M. Bessafi, B. Morel, A. Babu, L. Chang’a, H. Kabengel, S. Mwangi

Heavy floods episodes on the  11th  and 12th November 2008 South African case study
Isaac Ngwana

North Africa Case
Siham Sbii & Elghaz Kalid

West Africa case
Aida Diongue-Niang

NWP and AMMA case studies
J.P. Lafore, F. Beucher, F. Pouponneau, F. Rabier, C. Faccani, N. Fourrié, F. Karbou, P. Moll, M. Nuret, J-L Redelsperger, J. Stein

Building GEOSS
Douglas Cripe

Linking operational activities and research
Aida Diongue-Niang

Climate, Weather and their Impacts:THORPEX related Research Activities
at Addis Ababa University

Gizaw Mengistu

Ownership of THORPEX by Regional Centres and NMHSs
J N Mutemi

Severe Weather Forecasting Demonstration Project (SWFDP
Peter Chen

Customization of TIGGE: Use of TIGGE data in West Africa
Aida Diongue-Niang

THORPEX and its linkages with socio-economic issues in Africa
Kwabena A. Anaman