7th Meeting THORPEX DAOS

(MONTREAL, Canada, 15-16 morning August 2014)


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3.1   Report on 6th WMO DA Symposium
Daryl Kleist, remote

3.2  Highlights from International Data Assimilation Symposium 2014 at LMU
Mark Buehner

Heini Wernli

3.4  HyMeX report
Nadia Fourrié

3.5  Promote cooperative international research enabling development of improved weather and environmental prediction services for the polar regions, on time scales from hourly to seasonal
Greg Smith

3.6  Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction project update
Tetsuo Nakazawa

3.7  The High Impact Weather Project: a proposal for a WWRP research activity
Sharan Majumdar

3.8  WGNE–DAOS interactions (from March 2014 meeting in Melbourne, Australia)
Tom Hamill

4.1  Cooperation on Global Observing System Simulation Experiments (OSSEs) through DAOS
Lidia Cucurull, Robert Atlas and Kevin Kelleher

4.2  Assimilation of surface sensitive infrared channels over land at Environment Canada
Louis Garand,  S.K. Dutta and S. Heilliette

4.3  Satellite data assimilation in limited area models
Nadia Fourrié

4.4   Carbon Flux Data Assimilation
Saroja Polavarapu

5.1  WGNE – DAOS interactions (from March 2014 meeting in Melbourne, Australia)
Tom Hamill

5.2   Verification by forecasters using simulated satellite imagery
Roger Saunders and Tom Blackmore

5.4  Ensemble Forecast Sensitivity to Observations (EFSO) and Flow-Following Localisation in 4DEnVar
Andrew Lorenc

5.5   Update on Satellite Observations
Roger Saunders and Chris Velden

5.6   Global status report on non-satellite observing systems
Stefan Klink

6.1  Météo-France report
Nadia Fourrié

6.2  Data Assimilation Developments at NCEP
Daryl Kleist, remote

6.3   Data Assimilation Developments at the Met Office
Andrew Lorenc

6.4 Recent Data Assimilation Activities at Environment Canada
Mark Buehner

6.7 Hierarchical Bayes ensemble-variational data assimilation
Mikhail Tsyrulnikov and A. Rakitko

6.8   Data Assimilation Developments in Numerical Weather Prediction Center (NWPC) of CMA
Bin Wang