(Exeter, UK, 12-14 June 2013)


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1.1-Introduction Slides for GIFS-TIGGE-11 meeting
Richard Swinbank, Masayuki Kyouda

2.4-World Weather Research Programme (WWRP)
Gilbert Brunet

3.2- JMA EPS data to TIGGE
Kyouda Masayuki, Yamaguchi Haruki

3.2-News from the data providers (CPTEC)
Christopher Cunningham

3.2-Current Status and Plans of Ensemble Prediction System at KMA
Seung-Woo Lee

3.2-MOGREPS 2012 upgrades and future plans
Richard Swinbank

3.2-AGREPS – ACCESS Global and Regional Ensemble Prediction System
Michael Naughton, David Smith, Asri Sulaiman

Progress on TIGGE archive center in CMA

CMA EPS update
Gong Jiandong

3.3-Continuation of TIGGE archive after 2014
R. Swinbank, M. Kyouda

Tiziana Paccagnella

4.1-Proposed Predictability, Dynamics & Ensemble Forecasting Expert Team
Richard Swinbank Masayuki Kyouda

4.2-The WWRP High Impact Weather Project
Sarah Jones, Brian Golding, Julia Keller

4.3-DAOS-WG report to GIFS-TIGGE WG
Roger Saunders

4.5-The WWRP Polar Prediction Project
Trond Iversen

5.2-NCEP next GEFS
Yuejian Zhu, Dingchen Hou and Xiaqiong Zhou

5.3-Recent work with stochastic physics at the Met Office
Warren Tennant, Anne Mccabe, Glenn Shutts and Claudio Sanchez

5.4-Hurricane Ensemble Prediction base on Stochastic Convective Trigger Function
Zhan Zhang, Vijay Tallapragada, Weiguo Wang and HWRF Team, presented by Yuejian Zhu

5.5-Status of Canadian GEPS
Laurie Wilson

5.6-Hidden Error Variances and a new measure of ensemble variance prediction accuracy – the effective ensemble size
Craig H. Bishop, Elizabeth A Satterfield, Kevin T. Shanley, David Kuhl, Tom Rosmond, Justin McLay and Nancy Baker

5.6-Multi-model ensemble post-processing and the replicate Earth paradigm
(Manuscript available on-line in Climate Dynamics)

Craig Bishop, Gab Abramowitz

6.1-Status and Plans of the SWFDP – Severe Weather Forecasting Development Project
Ken Mylne

6.2-Met Office contribution to GIFS-TIGGE / SWFDP collaboration (part of GEOWOW project WP4)
Richard Swinbank

6.2-Early warning products for extreme weather events using operational medium-range ensemble forecast
Mio Matsueda, Tetsuo Nakazawa

Florian Pappenberger

6.4-Studies on Tropical Cyclone Forecasting using TIGGE
Munehiko Yamaguchi

6.5-Outline of proposed TIGGE Review Paper
Richard Swinbank