TMR IWTC-6 focal points

Focal Points
Workshop Topic
Chris VELDEN (UW-CIMSS) Satellite Observations
Woo-Jin LEE (KMA) Numerical Weather Prediction Products
Chip GUARD (NWS/NOAA) Databases
Philippe CAROFF (Météo-France) Track Forecasts
John KNAFF (CIRA) Intensity and Structure Prediction
Russ ELSBERRY (NPS) Ensemble and Consensus
Pat HARR (NPS) Extratropical Transition and Genesis
Suzana CAMARGO (Columbia Univ) Seasonal Forecasts
Jeff KEPERT(BoM Australia) Winds
Regina CABRERA (NWS/NOAA) Storm Tide and Hydrological Forecasts
Jim DAVIDSON (BoM Australia) Hazard Assessment and Mitigation
Johnny CHAN (CUHK) Training/Education/Outreach/Communication
TC LEE (HKO) Definitions
Overall Coordinator - Johnny CHAN (City University of Hong Kong)