Training on Climate and agroclimate indexes plus weather derived CROP CALENDARS for the Met. Services of Tanzania and Malawi

Virtual Workshop on the use of State-of-the-art techniques for the generation of CROP CALENDARS in Malawi and Tanzania 

Adaptation Programme in Africa (GFCS APA) phase II: Building Resilience in Disaster Risk Management, Food Security and Health.


Malawi and Tanzania, Virtual Training
16 - 25 February 2021


Agenda Final Report

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About this course

The proposed training aims to the development of capacities in: 

  • Ensuring the quality and homogeneity of the climate information 

  • Understanding, computing, and analyzing climate indices and agroclimatic indices  

  • Defining the rainy season onset, cessation, and duration 

  • Creating crop calendars 


Supplementary documents:

Manual For Creating a Weather‐based Crop Calendar, A case study for Senegal, (WMO/FAO)

Technical report: Data requirements and R software


Video sessions: