Virtual Training on the Use of Climate Data Tool (CDT) for Generation of Agrometeorological Information in Malawi and Tanzania

Virtual training on the use of Climate Data Tool (CDT) for generation of agrometeorological information in Malawi and Tanzania


Malawi and Tanzania, Virtual Training
08 - 10 March 2021


Agenda Final Report

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About the Training:

The main objective of the training was to build the capacity of Tanzania and Malawi Meteorological and climate services staff in the generation of Climate Information Services (CIS) and products, by utilizing new statistical methods in CDT version 6.5 to generate meteorological indices.

Specifically, the training aimed at building the capacity and skills of Tanzania and Malawi Meteorological and climate services staff in:

  • Applications of CDT in datasets preparation and conversions, data quality aggregation/disaggregating time series for in situ and gridded Satellite Rainfall estimate.
  • Analyzing daily, decadal, and monthly observed and gridded rainfall estimates, temperature datasets in .CSV and NetCDF formats to produce decadal, monthly, and annual rainfall and temperature characteristics, rainy season characteristics, and climate extreme indices.


Video Sessions: