Pretoria, South Africa, 26-29 April 2016



26 April

Meeting Agenda

WGNE mission and accronyms

WCRP matters and implications for WGNE
M. Rixen

CAS – WWRP work and implications for WGNE: Science for Service
Øystein Hov

Technical Commission for Atmospheric Science - World Weather Research Programme
Paolo Ruti

Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) – opportunities for WGNE
Kobus Pienaar

SPARC Report
Quentin Errera

The WWRP Polar Prediction Project (2013-2022)
Thomas Jung

Update on GODAE Ocean View and its Coupled Prediction Task Team
Hal Ritchie

Improving ECMWF’s IFS model
Nils Wedi

Recent developments in Numerical Methods
Michael Baldauf


27 April

Deterministic (HRES) and ensemble (ENS) verification scores
Nils Wedi, Martin Janousek, Linus Magnusson, Thomas Haiden, Sinead Duffy

WGNE Intercomparison of Tropical Cyclone Track forecast, 2014
Junichi Ishida, Hitoshi Sato, Takahiro Ito, Masahiro Sawada and Munehiko Yamaguchi

Precipitation verification
François Bouyssel

Subjective evaluation of NWP operational models at Météo-France
C. Maglione, B. Roulet, F. Bouyssel

Using satellite simulators for cloud evaluation
Keith Williams

Brief Overview of CMIP6
Veronica Eyring, Jerry Meehl

WGNE Blue Book ‐ status and proposed changes
Elena Astakhova

Simulating the radiative forcing effects of Antarctic stratospheric ozone on southern
African climate variability (and some thoughts on the new CMIP6 model VRESM)

Francois Engelbrecht, Thando Ndarana, Yushi Morioka, Swadhin Behera, Marcus Thatcher, John McGregor, Mary‐Jane Bopape, Johan Malherbe

Current developments in the INPE/CPTEC modeling system
Ariane Frassoni dos Santos

Research in atmospheric modelling in Russia
Elena Astakhova

JWGFVR highlights
Marion Mittermaier, Laurie Wilson

An update on CMIP(6), obs4MIPs and the WGCM/WGNE Diagnostics and Metrics Panel
Peter J. Gleckler

28 April

Report on the Drag Project
Ayrton Zadra

Subgrid orographic drag

Implementing the Cloud Layers Unified by Binormals (CLUBB) scheme in the Community Atmosphere Model (CAM) -CAM5.5/CESM2
Julio Bacmeister

Development of a new prognostic convection scheme for NWP and climate Arpege global model
J.M. Piriou, J.F. Gueremy (presented by François Bouyssel)

Ongoing work to improve convection in the UM
Keith Williams

Parameterization issues and related modeling challenges at the CMC
Ayrton Zadra

Working Group on Nowcasting and Mesoscale Research
Paul Joe, Jeanette Onvlee, Estelle deConing, Peter Steinle

Recent progresses in convective-scale and next generation global modeling at KMA
Dong-Joon Kim

What are the differences in physical parameterizations between MF models (NWP vs
climate, global vs convective scale) ?

François Bouyssel

Recent progress in convective scale Arome NWP system and on-going research activities
P. Brousseau, P. Chambon, G. Faure, R. Honnert, A. Mary, N. Merlet, Y. Seity, B. Vié, E. Wattrelot
(presented by F. Bouyssel)

Lessons learned from JMA global and regional model development
Junichi Ishida

GASS update
Jon Petch (presented by Keith Williams)

GEWEX Global Land/Atmosphere System Study (GLASS): Update at WGNE-31
Michael Ek, Aaron Boone

Evaluating aerosols impacts on Numerical Weather Prediction: 4th Report
Saulo Freitas
(presented by Ariane Frassoni dos Santos)

Simulations of a Convective Boundary Layer with a Dynamic Smagorinsky Scheme
Modelling the Greyzone Boundary Layers (GreyBLs)

M.M. Bopape, R.S. Plant and O. Coceal

Progress in seasonal forecasting in South Africa
Willem A. Landman

The SINTEX-F seasonal predictability and its applicability for southern Africa
Swadhin Behera, Takeshi Doi and Yushi Morioka

The role of mid and high latitude air-sea interactions in interannual to multiyear climate variations over southern Africa
Yushi Morioka, F. Engelbrecht, S. K. Behera


Current Issues and Challenges in Ensemble Forecasting
Junichi Ishida (JMA) and Carolyn Reynolds (NRL)

Recent activities related to EPS (operational aspects)
Junichi Ishida and Carolyn Reynolds

Unifying the NCEP Production Suite - Integrated coupled modelling approach at NCEP
Michael B. Ek

DAOS report for WGNE 2016
Tom Hamill

The Sub-seasonal to Seasonal (S2S) Prediction Project - “Bridging the gap between weather and climate”
Frédéric Vitart