WMO RA II Aeronautical Meteorology Webinar 2024


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The WMO Regional Association II (Asia) (RA II) Aeronautical Meteorology Webinar 2024 is organised by the RA II Expert Team on Services for Aviation (ET-AVI) under the RA II Working Group on Weather, Climate, Water and Related Environmental Services and Applications (RA II WG-Services). The ET-AVI is tasked to:

     (i) support the RA II WG Services in the identification of meteorological capabilities to fulfil the needs of aviation users,

     (ii) facilitate the sharing of experience and good practices uptake and exchange of scientific and technological advancement,

     (iii) promote effective governance of aeronautical meteorological service provision, and

     (iv) develop training material and other educational/ learning outreach to assist Members in the implementation of quality management systems and compliance with the competency and qualification requirements of aeronautical meteorological personnel.

According to the International Standards and Recommended Practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), in Annex 3 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, “Meteorological Service for International Air Navigation”, States are required to ensure that their designated Meteorological Authorities establish and implement a properly organized quality management system comprising procedures, processes and resources necessary to provide for the quality management of the meteorological information to be supplied to the aviation users. The RA II ET-AVI has initiated a Quality Management System (QMS) Survey for Aeronautical Meteorological Services in the region in January 2024. This survey will help to determine the status and needs of QMS and competency implementation in the region. Besides, the RAII ET-AVI also identified the need for more development and training opportunities for establishing a nowcasting system at the aerodrome that would improve the issuance of weather warnings to enhance aviation safety and efficiency.

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The webinar will address part of the training and development needs of aeronautical meteorology in the RA II region, including the needs expressed through the above QMS survey. The webinar will focus on topics related to the implementation of QMS for aeronautical meteorological services, competency and qualification frameworks, aerodrome nowcasting, etc., with sharing of good practices implemented in the RA II region. Besides, initial findings of the survey would be presented and the conduct of survey would be encouraged during the webinar for Members not yet complete their return.

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· To introduce QMS for aeronautical meteorology and its importance to the service provision

· To share good practices for the implementation of QMS

· To introduce the WMO competency and qualification frameworks for aeronautical meteorology personnel

· To share good practices for the development of nowcasting system for aerodrome

· To further promote the participation in the WMO RA II QMS survey and present on the preliminary findings of QMS survey

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Target participants:

Aerodrome Meteorological Office (AMO) Managers, Meteorological Watch Offices (MWO) Managers, Quality Management System (QMS) Managers, Aeronautical Meteorological Service Managers and other interested personnel in the aeronautical meteorological field in RA II. Invitation of the webinar is extended to RA V to stimulate cross regions collaborations.

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Date & Time:

7 May 2024 (Tuesday) 0600 to 0900 UTC

Medium: Virtual

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Registration deadline:

26 April 2024

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Time (UTC) Title Speaker / Moderator Affiliation

Opening and Introduction
(Opening remarks by WMO RAP office)

Ms. Christy Leung, Leader of RA II ET-AVI Hong Kong Observatory
0610-0630 What is Quality Management System (QMS) and its importance to the organization Mr. Greg Brock / Ms. Stéphanie Wigniolle World Meteorological Organization
0630-0645 Sharing of QMS implementation (1) Mr. BL Choy Hong Kong Observatory
0645-0700 Sharing of QMS implementation (2) Mr. Gajendra Kumar India Meteorological Department
0700-0720 Sharing of survey interim results and calling for further response Ms. Christy Leung, Leader of RA II ET-AVI Hong Kong Observatory
0720-0730 Break    
0730-0750 Introducing the WMO competency and qualification frameworks

Ms. Andrea Henderson,
Chair of SC-AVI
on behalf of
Ms. Kathy-Ann Caesar
and Ms. Karine Dumas,
Co-chairs of ET-ETC

Bureau of Meteorology / Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology / Meteorological Service of Canada

0750-0810 Sharing of nowcasting products for aerodrome (1) Ms. Huang Sijie Civil Aviation Administration of China
0810-0830 Sharing of nowcasting products for aerodrome (2) Ms. Erika Hayami Japan Meteorological Agency
0830-0850 Q&A / Discussion Mr. Jochen Luther World Meteorological Organization
0850-0900 Closing and Conclusion Ms. Christy Leung, Leader of RA II ET-AVI Hong Kong Observatory

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