WMO Workshop for finalization of the Cataloguing of Hazardous Weather, Water, Climate, and Space Weather Events Implementation Plan (CHE)

Workshop venue: WMO Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland

Date: 14- 16 June 2022

Workshop language: English with no interpretation. The workshop will be held in person however online teleconferencing will be possible.


Meeting documents


Workshop Concept Note

Implementation plan

Annex 1: Guidance for Implementation – (draft)

Annex 2: Event Types List – (to be provided later)

Annex 3: Tailored guidelines for specific regional needs – (to be provided later)

Annex 4: Updates to WMO regulatory and guidance materials – (to be provided later)

Resources for the meeting:

WMO constituent body decisions on CHE

·       Executive Council 73 – Resolution 2

·       SERCOM 1 (2021) – Recommendation 4

·       Congress 18 - Resolution 12

Other WMO resources

Manual on the Global Data-processing and Forecasting System (WMO No. 485)

·       Designation Process for GDPFS Centres flow diagram

·       How to establish and run a WMO Regional Climate Center (RCC)

WMO Weather Information System Manual (WMO No. 1060)

WMO Manual on Codes (WMO No. 306)

Experiences with implementation of CHE or comparable systems

WMO Regional V Test Phase Report

WMO Region VI – Test Phase Report

USA NOAA Storm Events Database (Link: https://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/stormevents/ )

·       Operation manual

Other relevant material to the CHE

Hazard Definition & Classification Review – Technical Report (UNDRR/ISC 2020)

Hazard Information Profiles – Supplement (UNDRR/ISC 2021)