Data Assimilation & Observing Strategies

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(DAOS WG, Exeter, UK, 25-26 April 2016)


Scale-dependent ensemble covariance localization
M. Buehner

FSOI Results at the Met Office
J. Cotton, L. Morgan

Coupled Data Assimilation Workshop
T. Hamill

A 4D-Ensemble-Variational System for Data Assimilation and Ensemble Initialization
N. Bowler, A. Clayton, M. Jardak, P. Jermey, E. Lee, A. Lorenc, C. Piccolo, S. Pring, M. Wlasak, D. Barker, G. Inverarity and R. Swinbank

Convective-scale data assimilation at the UK Met Office
R. Rawlins

OSSE Update
S. Majumdar

Sub‐seasonal to seasonal report
T. Hamill

Improved use of Satellite Data
R. Saunders

Update on Satellite Observations
R. Saunders, C. Velden

DAOS in the Tropics
S. Majumdar

WGNE report and concerns
T. Hamill

C. Cardinali and T. Hamill

Group Photo

Instituting an observation database capability in the NCEP GSI
T. Hamill, J. Whitaker, S. Gregory

Using Satellite Observations to Monitor Drought Conditions and to Provide Early Warning of Drought Development
J. Otkin, M. Anderson, C. Hain, M. Svoboda

Spectral-space denoising of ensemble covariances for a model of local spatial spectrum
M. Tsyrulnikov, D. Gayfulin

An update on Hierarchical Bayes Ensemble Kalman Filtering
M. Tsyrulnikov, A. Rakitko

World Weather Research Programme
P. Ruti and S. Jones