WWRP Events 2015



Calendar of Events 2015

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  • Meeting of the WWRP Nowcasting and Mesoscale Working Group
    (Geneva, WMO Headquarters, 10-11 December)

  • Advanced School and Workshop on S2S Prediction and Application to Drought Prediction
    (ICTP, Trieste, Italy, 23 November - 4 December)

  • 8th Session of the WWRP Scientific Steering Committee (SSC)
    (Geneva, WMO Headquarters, 24-27 November)

  • SDS-WAS Steering Committee Kick off Meeting and the 1st Africa/Middle East Expert Meeting and Workshop on the Health Impact of Airborne Dust
    (Amman, Jordan, 2-7 November)

    Programme Meeting
    Information Bulletin

  • Joint Working Group on Forecast Verification Research (JWGFVR) Roving Seminar
    (Jarkarta, Indonesia, 17-19 November )

  • Societal and Economic Research Applications (SERA) Working Group Meeting
    (Key West, FL, USA, 10-11 November)

  • Meeting of the Working Group on Data Assimilation and Observational System (DAOS WG)
    (Beijing, China, 27-28 October)

  • Meeting of the Working Group on Tropical Meteorology Research (WGTMR) and UPDRAFT meeting
    (Nanjing, China, 27-30 October)

  • 9th HyMeX Workshop
    (Mykonos, Greece, 21-25 September)

  • 3rd Monsoon Heavy Rainfall Workshop (MHR-3)
    (New Delhi, India, 22-24 September)

  • Joint Working Group on Forecast Verification Research
    (Sofia, Bulgaria, 9-10 September)

  • First Nowcasting Victoria Lake Meeting
    (Mwanza, Tanzania, 17-20 August)

  • Year of Polar Prediction Project (YOPP) Summit and Polar Prediction Project (PPP) Steering Group meetings
    (Geneva, WMO Headquarters, 13-16 July)

    - Briefing Document

    - Presentations YOPP Summit (13-15 July 2015)

  • WWRP brochure

  • Working Group on Numerical Experimentation MJO Task Force meeting
    (Prague, Czech Republic, 29 June)

  • Aviation Research Development (AvRDP) Kick off meeting (Shanghai, China, 24-25 June) and CBS/DPFS Workshop on Operational Implementation of Nowcasting Techniques (Shanghai, China, 26 June)

  • 3rd S2S Steering Group Meeting
    (Jeju, Republic of Korea, 25-26 June)

  • Workshop on Sub-seasonal to Seasonal Predictability of Monsoons
    (Jeju, Republic of Korea , 22-24 June)

  • 2nd Workshop of Atmospheric Composition and the Asian Monsoon (ACAM)
    (Bangkok, Thailand, 8-10 June)