Munehiko Yamaguchi


Munehiko Yamaguchi

Scientific Officer

Dr Munehiko Yamaguchi is a Scientific Officer for the World Weather Research Programme at WMO. He is from Japan, where he worked for the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) until 2021.

Munehiko was awarded a PhD degree in tropical cyclone research and has research experience in areas ranging from predictability to aircraft adaptive observations, ensemble forecasting, data assimilation, model development and climate change. As a researcher having worked for a national met service, he is familiar with the operational businesses and has experience achieving Research-to-Operations transfer.

Munehiko’s responsibilities for the WWRP include supporting the WWRP core projects, Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction and High Impact Weather, and the activities of the WWRP Working Groups and Expert Team, Data Assimilation and Observing Systems (DAOS), Predictability, Dynamics and Ensemble Forecasting (PDEF), Tropical Meteorology Research (TMR) and Weather Modification (WxMOD). He also assists with Research Development Projects and Forecast Demonstrate Projects.