Collaborative Efforts for Sustainable Development: UN Agencies and Regional Entities Unite to Address Challenges in Europe and Central Asia

Regional representatives from 20 United Nations agencies recently convened in Budapest under the Regional Collaborative Platform to enhance partnerships for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Europe and Central Asia. Hosted by the FAO, the meeting delved into political trends, human rights, and support for UN country teams, with a special focus on climate action.

Dr. Radics Kornélia, Director of the WMO Regional Office for Europe presented the significant State of Climate in Europe report. This science-based policy document, enriched by contributions from various national and regional entities and institutions, offers a comprehensive overview of the climate scenario in Europe. The active involvement of these entities underscores the collective commitment to addressing climate-related challenges. 

The Regional Collaborative Platform (RCP) serves as a unifying force for all UN entities dedicated to sustainable development in the region. Its goal is to ensure seamless collaboration and coordination to address challenges that transcend national borders. The platform provides tailored policy support and expertise, complementing the efforts of UN country teams at the local level.

Through such collaborative efforts, the participating UN agencies aim to advance progress on the SDGs, emphasizing the importance of working together at global, regional, and country levels. The active participation of Dr. Radics Kornélia from WMO underscores the joint commitment to addressing climate-related challenges and Early Warning for All Initiative, contributing significantly to the overarching goals of sustainable development in the Europe and Central Asia region.