GAW | Reclassification of La Réunion to Global GAW station

La Réunion, France, has been reclassified from a Regional to a Global GAW station. La Réunion station consists of three observational platforms across the island: STDENIS, GILLOT and MAIDO. The station is situated far away from the substantial anthropogenic pollution source in the south-west Indian Ocean. Three observational platforms allow for sampling the air impacted by marine emissions and partly by urban emissions (on the University campus) or free tropospheric air. The combination of the three platforms allows for comprehensive studies of atmospheric chemistry, evaluation of the long-range transport of pollutants and impacts of the boundary layer and biospheric processes on the atmospheric composition over the island. The observational platforms constituting the Global station are not only used for continuous long-term measurements but also serve as a platform for the intensive measurement campaigns.


La Réunion Gillot
Gillot site


La Réunion Maido
Viewpoint on the Maïdo facility


La Réunion Stdenis
An instrumented room at STDENIS, here with FTIR spectrometer, UV spectrometer and gas-phase Picarro analyser.