👉 HIWeather/SERA WG|WWRP HIWeather/SERA Value Chain Project Plan released

The Value Chain project is a 4-year flagship study project of the World Weather Research Programme (WWRP) High Impact Weather (HIWeather) project and the Societal and Economic Research Applications (SERA) Working Group. It will focus on warning chains for a selected set of hazards identified in the HIWeather Implementation Plan, namely: urban flood, wildfire, localised extreme wind, disruptive winter weather, and urban heat waves and air pollution. Analysing the end-to-end warning chain requires a multi-disciplinary research project that integrates physical and social sciences with practitioner perspectives. Leading researchers in the WWRP HIWeather project and Societal and Economic Research Applications (SERA) working group bring relevant expertise on state-of-the-art weather and hazard prediction, warning communication, and economic analysis. External partners from the academic, emergency management and private sectors provide additional richness of knowledge and experience needed to successfully achieve the aims.

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