Integrating Water Insights: Enhancing Climate Outlook Reports for Hydrology and Agriculture Sectors in the Mediterranean

Under the leadership of the Spanish Meteorological Agency, the experts in seasonal climate forecasting convened the 20th session of the Climate Outlook Forum for the Mediterranean region to discuss and reach a consensus on the Climate outlook for summer 2023

Traditionally, each Climate Outlook Forum concludes with a session with the users to present the consensus-based climate outlook for the forthcoming season. This time, the user's session was for the hydrology and agriculture sectors. In this respect, the WMO Regional Hydrology Adviser, Eng. Angela Chiara Corina, was invited to attend the session and present an overview of hydrology activities implemented under the umbrella of the WMO Regional Association VI. The presentation delivered a few key messages and highlighted the attempt to integrate a water section in the future climate outlook report. This integration aims to address the growing need for information on water availability, quality, and management in the context of climate variability and change. By including a dedicated water section, users from the hydrology and agriculture sectors would have access to relevant information to support their planning and decision-making processes.

Overall, the session aimed to foster collaboration and gather feedback from users in the hydrology and agriculture sectors to enhance the usefulness of climate information for water resource management and agricultural planning in the region.