RA VI Extends Regional Priorities and Reestablishes Management Group for Effective Leadership

In preparation to make a substantial contribution to the WMO Strategic Plan for 2024-2027, endorsed by the World Meteorological Congress at its nineteenth session, Regional Association VI (RA VI) has taken a proactive step. RA VI has extended its regional priorities until 2027, including the addition of two new priorities to the existing three. This expansion brings the total to five key areas to be addressed from 2023 to 2027.

RA VI's critical regional priorities align with WMO's global initiatives and reflect the region's dedication to addressing pressing needs:

  1. Unified Data Policy: By supporting the implementation of the Unified Data Policy, we are working to enhance the availability and accessibility of essential data, ensuring the seamless exchange of weather, water, and climate information across borders. This not only strengthens our regional cooperation but also empowers us to make well-informed decisions, particularly in the face of a changing climate.

  2. Enhanced Services: RA VI is committed to improving weather, water, climate, and related environmental services, making them more reliable, accessible, and responsive to evolving regional needs. This commitment aligns with WMO's Early Warning for All initiative, reflecting our determination to ensure that the benefits of these services reach all.

  3. Research and Development: Innovation is at the heart of progress. We aim to drive research and development efforts that will underpin our region's adaptation and mitigation strategies. These initiatives are essential in the context of a changing climate and the growing demands of our societies.

  4. Capacity Development and Technology: Recognizing the transformative potential of artificial intelligence and new technologies, we are committed to strengthening our capacity to harness these innovations for the advancement of weather, water, and climate services. This initiative will empower us to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of our operations while embracing cutting-edge tools and techniques.

  5. HydroSOS Implementation: Water is a precious and finite resource, and our commitment to the implementation of Hydrological Status and Outlook System (HydroSOS) is a testament to our dedication to safeguarding this vital element. HydroSOS will significantly enhance our capacity to monitor and manage water resources, contributing to resilience and sustainable water management in our region. 

This extension underlines RA VI's commitment to addressing crucial regional needs and aligning with the World Meteorological Organization's (WMO) global initiatives. These priorities will guide the region in advancing meteorological, climatological, and hydrological services, promoting cooperation, and contributing to sustainability.

Moreover, the Management Group has been reestablished in its new composition, ensuring effective coordination and leadership as the region embarks on the journey to address its extended priorities and actively participate in the implementation of the regional plan. This renewed Management Group is essential in overseeing the implementation of the extended priorities, facilitating collaboration, and guiding RA VI towards its regional and global goals.

With these preparations in place, RA VI is well-prepared to continue making significant contributions to global advancements, reflecting the region's unwavering commitment to the welfare of its communities and the environment.