Summer School 2023: Mastering the Development of Climate Services



Please note: The Summer School will not proceed as planned. The Organizing Committee is considering alternatives, which will be communicated in due course.


Summer School 2023: Mastering Development of Climate Services

Vigo, Spain, 29 May- 2 June 2023


The Summer School 2023: Mastering the Development of Climate Services will be hosted in Vigo, Spain, and co-organised by the University of Vigo, WEMC, World Meteorological Organization, and Inside Climate Services srl.

Taking place in-person at Balneario de Mondariz Spa Hotel, from Monday 29 May – Friday 2 June 2023, you will learn about the importance of climate services for the energy and water sectors, understanding recent policy, scientific and technological developments. You will acquire theoretical and technical knowledge about seasonal forecasting and climate projections, and also understand the principles of service co-production and good practices for service delivery. As part of the training, you will have a practical assignment to develop a particular aspect of the service value chain, working in small teams to develop a mini-climate service. Hearing from leading experts, you will learn about real-world applications of climate services and best practice approaches.

The Summer School will be delivered in English.



  1. Achieve a broad view of available climate services for the energy sector
  2. Explore stakeholder engagement, user requirements and climate service value
  3. Undertake training to acquire technical skills for co-producing climate services including data processing
  4. Gain an appreciation of innovation processes for developing and delivering weather, water, and climate services to energy users including business models and networking opportunities with other sectors


Audience and requirements:

Target audience: Practitioners, PhD students, post-docs and early career researchers, planners, industry experts and anyone interested in climate services are invited to apply. No restrictions on the geographical location of applicants apply.

Entry Requirements: Certificate in Upper Secondary Education (Science, Geography, Business etc.)



The topics that will be covered during the Summer School are:

  1. Climate Services for the Energy sector: background and user requirements
  2. The science of climate services and their uses
  3. Tailoring climate services and business models
  4. Climate Services across sectors & Field Trip
  5. Exploitation of climate services & Working Group Pitches


Visit the webpage of the event for more information