WIS| News | 2024-06 | EC-78 Endorses Key WIS Relevant Documents

At the 78th session of the Executive Council (EC-78), three significant documents related to WMO Information System (WIS) were endorsed. These include Amendments on Manual on WIS, Transition Guide, and Amendments on Manual on Codes.

Amendments on Manual on WIS

The amendments to the Manual on WIS (WMO-No. 1060), Volume II - WMO Information System 2.0, encompass several critical updates:

  • changes to Manual;
  • addition of Appendix D: WIS2 Topic Hierarchy;
  • addition of Appendix E: WIS2 Notification Message;
  • addition of Appendix F: WMO Core Metadata Profile (version 2). 

Transition Guide

Provisions for the transition from WIS 1.0 and GTS to WIS 2.0 will be published. These guidelines aim to provide clear and comprehensive instructions to WMO Members, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition to WIS 2.0.

Amendments on Manual on Codes

Amendments to the Manual on Codes (WMO-No.306) indicate that the CREX tables in the Manual on Codes (WMO-No. 306), Volume I.2 – International Codes will no longer be updated. 

These endorsements at EC-78 mark a pivotal step in the evolution of the WMO Information System, ensuring it remains robust, up-to-date, and capable of meeting the needs of WMO Members.

All the publications will be updated at https://community.wmo.int/en/activity-areas/wis.