WMO and European Broadcasting Union Collaborate to Enhance Climate Communication in Europe

The WMO Regional Office for Europe has joined forces with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) to improve strategic communication in the region. As part of this collaboration, the EBU has joined the recently established inter-agency Team on strategic communication.

The partnership between the WMO and EBU began with the live broadcast of the launch of the first State of Climate in Europe report for 2021. The report, which provided science-based evidence of climate change and its impact on economic sectors, received excellent outreach with high media coverage across Europe and beyond.

The WMO and Regional Office for Europe recently met with the EBU at its facilities to discuss the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two organizations and a tentative action plan. Dr Radics Kornelia, Director of the WMO Regional Office for Europe, Mrs Brigitte Perrin, Chief of the WMO Strategic Communication Office, and Mrs Natalia Berghi, Programme Officer of WMO Regional Office for Europe, represented the WMO. The EBU was represented by Mr David Gerbaulet, Head of Partnerships News, Mr Jonathan Bradley, Multi-skilled field producer, and Mrs Emilie de Schaetzen, Head of News Events and Content.

The meeting focused on improving communication means to reach policymakers and the general public with accurate and reliable information on weather, water, climate and related environment. The WMO and EBU are mutually interested in establishing a legal framework for collaboration to advance scientific knowledge of the Earth system and improve the knowledge of climate journalists on climate-related matters.

The collaboration between the WMO and EBU is expected to contribute significantly to the dissemination of accurate and reliable information on weather, water, climate and related environment, as well as on climate change in Europe and beyond.