WMO RA VI Strategic Communication Team and European Meteorological Society Media & Communication Committee Forge Partnership for Effective Science Communication

In a bid to enhance the synergy between strategic science and policy communication, the WMO Regional Association VI Strategic Communication Team and the European Meteorological Society (EMS) Media and Communication Committee have embarked on a collaborative journey.

The RA VI Strategic Communication Team, an interagency group, comprises representatives from WMO RA VI Member states' National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs), along with stakeholders from UNDP, IPCC, ECMWF, EC JRC, and the European Broadcasting Union. Led by Mr. Altinyollar, the RA VI Strategic Communication Team has been actively coordinating efforts to optimize communication strategies in response to major weather, water, climate, and environmental events.

On the other hand, the EMS Media and Communication Committee, under the leadership of Mrs. Cegnar, holds annual meetings and communication sessions aimed at fostering effective dissemination of meteorological information. The collaboration between these two entities commenced in October 2023 during the RA VI Scientific Forum, where Mrs. Cegnar shared insights on the effective communication of agrometeorological services. Her presentation shed light on how robust communication strategies contribute to better handling emergencies and preparing for crises, especially concerning weather-related incidents and the impacts of climate change.

The RA VI Scientific Forum served as a platform for experts from diverse backgrounds - research, operations, decision-makers, and policymakers - to deliberate on various pertinent topics. These included discussions on the EW4All initiative, leveraging Artificial Intelligence in meteorology, and the paramount importance of science communication.

Looking ahead, the EMS Media and Communication Committee is organizing a Communication Symposium in September 2024, focusing on the dissemination of biometeorological information, with a specific emphasis on human biometeorology. This workshop presents yet another opportunity for the RA VI Strategic Communication Team to reinforce collaboration with the EMS MCC towards common goals.

The partnership between the WMO RA VI Strategic Communication Team and the EMS Media and Communication Committee signifies a commitment to advancing science communication endeavors. By pooling their expertise and resources, these entities aim to bolster the dissemination of meteorological information and foster greater preparedness in the face of weather-related challenges and the evolving impacts of climate change.