WMO Regional Association VI (RA VI) elects its top officers

In the middle of the 18th intersession period and the second day of the World Meteorological Congress, on May 23, 2023, WMO Regional Association VI (RA VI) convened an extraordinary session to elect its top officers. 

Dr. Elena Mateescu, Romania's permanent representative with WMO and Mr. Mark Rieder, the Czech Republic's permanent representative with WMO, were elected by acclamations as the president and the vice-president of RA VI.

The terms of office for the association's elected president and vice-president will run from the conclusion of this extraordinary session until the conclusion of the following regular session, at which the officers will be elected in line with General Regulation 10. 

With newly elected officers, WMO Regional Association VI looks forward to a period of dedicated leadership and continued progress in addressing the region's water, weather, climate and related environmental challenges.