WMO Regional Association VI is strengthening ties with Joint Research Center of the European Commission

Following WMO Resolution 3.2/3 (RA VI-18), which aims at taking stock of worldwide development in weather and climate related research with regional or global implications and establish cooperation with national and inter-regional scientific bodies and EU framework programmes that support research and innovation, on invitation of the WMO Regional Office for Europe, Mrs Sabine Henzler, the Director of the Strategy, Work Programme and Resources of the DG Joint Research Center of the European Commission nominated Ms. Jutta Thielen-del Pozo, Head of the Scientific Development Unit, to represent the JRC as a core member in the newly created RA VI Working Group on Research.

As the in-house science service of the European Commission, the JRC is working predominantly at the science-policy for EU policy makers but also interacts with a large network of stakeholders in the Member States.  

Since JRC is active in research related to climate change, early warning systems related to extreme weather, air pollution, satellite observations and Copernicus, we consider that a representation of JRC as a core member to the group is considered strategic for the organization and beneficial to the core group.