WMO Regional Office for Europe mainstreams WMO policies and regulations into the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Frameworks

As part of the UN Reform, WMO Regional Office for Europe joined efforts with the Regional UN Agencies within the Regional UN Collaborative Platform to support the UN Resident Coordinators and UN Country Teams.

The new UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework sits at the centre of the UN reform. It is the most important planning and implementation instrument for UN development activities within countries, translating the vision of Member States into UN actions and impacts on the ground. It heightens the ambition of the UN development system, and makes it more agile and equipped to achieve the transformative results that countries now demand. 

For mainstreaming environment and climate change matters into the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Frameworks, a Guidance document was developed by the Regional UN Issue Based Coalition on Environment and Climate Change. The Guidance includes the WMO policies and regulations.

An overview and experience-sharing webinar was held on 9 December 2021 for representatives of Regional Coordinator Offices and UN Country Teams from Central Asia, Southeast Europe and Turkey, and Eastern Europe and the Caucasus.