WMO's Regional Association VI Leads Survey on Access to Earth System Prediction Products

The World Meteorological Organization's (WMO) Regional Association VI has spearheaded a survey to assess the accessibility and utilization of numerical analysis and Earth system prediction products in its region. This strategic initiative, aligned with WMO strategy, aims to enable greater access and usage of data from the WMO Integrated Processing and Prediction System.

Under the leadership of the Regional Association VI Focal Point on WMO Integrated Processing and Prediction System, this survey has garnered insights into the specific needs and challenges faced by the region. The findings are being analyzed by the Regional Working Group on Infrastructure, Observation and Information System, with an attempt to integrate the next steps into the overall organizational roadmap, ensuring robust support to address the identified gaps. The survey results are providing researchers, meteorologists, and stakeholders with valuable information on the regional landscape. This data will guide collaborative efforts to bridge gaps and improve access to essential forecasting tools within Regional Association VI.

WMO's Regional Association VI is committed to fostering global cooperation and advancing meteorological and climatological services. By addressing the gaps identified in the survey, the association aims to empower decision-makers, bolster disaster management capabilities, and enhance societal resilience.