Pilot HydroSOS phase

Background - HydroSOS Pilot Phase

In October 2021, HydroSOS End-of-Pilot-Phase report was approved in Cg-EXT (2021) and is available in all UN official languages: ar - zh - en - fr - rues.  The document provides information about the way forward (section 3) including recommendations on regional implementation groups and activities (section 3.4). Moreover, the document provides a list of deliverables (section 4.4) and a summary of results from the pilot phase (section 5).

The HydroSOS methodology was developed by a team of 50+ experts from 17 NMHS across the six WMO Regions, nine research/scientific institutions in seven countries, three regional organizations in Africa, and four international organizations, and it is being now integrated in Regional Associations’ implementation plans. Moreover, HydroSOS activities are being added to hydrological components of larger projects, for example, CREWS and the Adaptation Fund.

70 WMO Members (36%) are formally engaged with the HydroSOS initiative and have provided inputs to the development of the system, such as by performing national assessments or providing relevant case studies.