Satcom Forum Introduction

Satcom Forum


Satcom Forum (officially the International Forum of Users of Satellite Data Communications) is an international group that brings together scientific and public sector users of satellite communications with representatives from the satellite and instrument manufacturing industries. It aims to help more scientific and national hydro-met service users use satellite communications to collect observations from remote regions so that we can close global data holes and provide better forecasts and better early warnings of extreme events.


Satcom Forum is:

  • a resource for satellite data communication users in environmental science
  • a place to share and learn best practice (from both industry and from experienced scientific users)
  • an advocacy group for users’ interests
  • a provider of information and guidance on how to choose a satellite system that meets your needs
  • an advocate for the needs of scientific users with the satellite networks – tariffs, terms and conditions, feature requests
  • a way to get in touch with experts



Satcom Forum is run by volunteers with support from the WMO Secretariat ( If you would like to become involved, please email the chair, Mike Prior-Jones on