Satellite-derived Products

Satellite-derived Products

Data Specifications

Data Domain: 50E-120W; 40N to 45S

Spacial Resolution: 0.1 X 0.1 degrees and 0.25 X 0.25 degrees

Rainfall Products


1.1. Introduction to CMORPH:

NOAA/CPC have established routine procedures to generate HOURLY CMORPH satellite precipitation estimation files on a real-time and push the outputs in NetCDF and gif graphics into NOAA/CPC ftp site.

CPC Products for WMO SWCEM


1.2. Bias corrected CMORPH graphics:


1.3. Realtime animation

Gif for hourly/daily/monthly fields:


1.4. Historical animation

Gif for hourly fields of historical periods:


1.5. Bias Corrected CMORPH data files in NetCDF

yyyy:                4-digit year,                                e.g. 2018

yyyymm:          6-digit year and month,         e.g. 201806

NetCDF files for 0.1deg hourly CMORPH:

yyyymmddhh:             10-digit year,month,day, and hour,              e.g. 2018061513

NetCDF files for 0.25deg hourly CMORPH:

yyyymmddhh:             10-digit year,month,day, and hour,              e.g. 2018061513


1.6. Real-time updates PPTs of weekly and monthly conditions

satellite based precipitation, OLR, soil moisture et all together and provide simple analysis.  The summary PPTs are available at:



2. "GSMaP" by JAXA

2.1. Introduction to GSMaP Product

JAXA/EORC offer near realtime Gauge-calibrated Rainfall Product (GSMaP_Gauge_NRT ver.6), which was developed based on activities of the GSMaP (Global Satellite Mapping of Precipitation) project.
Data such as accumulated rainfall, various statistics and standardized precipitation index (SPI) since April 2000 can be retrieved from the JAXA/EORC ftp site in NetCDF format, binary format and gif graphics.


2.2. Documentation

GSMaP Products for SWCEM-EAWP User Guide


2.3. Sample programs




2.4. Monitoring

Rainfall (hourly, pentad and weekly)






SPI Monthly/2-Monthly/3-Monthly (GIF)

Rainfall (Animation)

Hourly (recent 48hrs) / Daily (recent 30days)


2.5. Accumulated rainfall (hourly, daily, pentad, weekly, 10days and monthly)

- NetCDF files (0.10deg)

- Binary files (0.10deg)

- Graphics


2.6. Statistics (daily, pentad, weekly and monthly)

- NetCDF files (0.10deg)

- Binary files (0.10deg)

- Graphics


2.7. Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI)

- NetCDF files (0.25deg)

- Binary files (0.25deg)

- Graphics


3. Rain Gauge Data

3.1. NOAA/CPC Daily Gauge Analysis

NOAA/CPC Rain Gauge Data is derived through interpolation of GTS station data. 

It would be highly appreciated if SEMDP participarting national weather services could provide station reports of DAILY (and if possible HOURLY) precipitation for the case study periods (ideally from 2014 to the present).  It would be used for creating gridded analyses of daily / hourly precipitation for SEMDP.  The data provided to SEMDP will NOT re-distribute the station reports to any third parties.


4. Other Satellite-derived Products

4.1. NESDIS NDVI product

NDVI product is a weekly product, always starting at January 1 of each year, so the ending day of each period is different from year to year. 
NetCDF data files:

The graphics:

real-time updated animation:


4.2. NOAA/NESDIS VHI (Vegetation Health Index)

NESDIS VHI product is also a weekly product same as the NDVI and from the same NESDIS group.
NetCDF data files:

The graphics:
Real-time updated animation:


4.3. NOAA/NESDIS Soil Moisture product (SMOPS)

NESDIS Soil Moisture product is a NESDIS product created by blending soil moisture retrievals from multiple satellites.  The products are in daily resolution.  We are in process of accumulating daily data to form weekly, 10-day and monthly fields.

NetCDF data files (daily only for now):

Graphics (Daily fields only for now):

Real-time updated animation (daily fields only for now):


5. Reference Dataset

5.1. Land Mask Dataset

(0.1deg lat/lon grid system land mask)
NetCDF file:

Graphics in GIF: 

(0.25deg lat/lon grid system land mask)
NetCDF file:

Graphics in GIF: