South Asia Flash Flood Guidance System (SAsiaFFGS)


  • Bangladesh
  • Bhutan
  • India (Regional Centre)
  • Nepal
  • Sri Lanka

First Steering Committee Meeting (SCM1)

The objectives of this meeting were to: review the outcomes and status of the SAsiaFFG initial planning meeting to move forward for the development and implementation of the system; review theoretical basis of the Flash Flood Guidance System; explore in detail, through presentations and discussions, the FFG products, their development methodology, and the interpretation and validation approaches to provide feedback for their further development; allow a better understanding of the needs of high resolution modelling, including its domains, to support the SAsiaFFG application; seek the possibility of using the high resolution mesoscale NWP QPF products in SAsiaFFG project; and explore the availability of local historical hydrometeorlogical data to be ingested into the system.

Follow-up Operational Workshop South Asia Region Flash Flood Guidance (SAsiaFFG) System

The objectives of this meeting were to: explore in detail, through presentations and discussions the SAsiaFFG products, their development methodology and review of the technical background, operationally use the SAsiaFFG products through hands-on exercises, review and evaluation of the SAsiaFFG products for elected past events through case studies, performance evaluation of the participants who successfully completed Step 2 and Step 3 training to become a qualified WMO certified trainer.