Strengthening Operational Agrometeorological Services at the National Level-AGM 9

Strengthening Operational Agrometeorological Services at the National Level

Proceedings of a Inter-Regional Workshop held 22-26 March 2004 in Manila, Philippines
Edited by R. Motha, M.V.K. Sivakumar, and M. Bernardi
AGM-9, WMO/TD-No. 1277

Strengthening Operational Agrometeorological Services at the National Level Click to enlarge image


Table of Contents

Cover, Title Page, Table of Contents, Forward, and Executive Summary  [PDF - 0.5 MB]
Operational Agrometeorological Services: National Perspectives
Operational Agrometeorological Services in the Philippines  By Aida Jose, Flaviana Hilario, and Nathaniel Cruz [PDF - 0.4 MB]
pages 1-8
Monitoring and Early Warning Systems for Potentially Dangerous Vegetation Fires in Cuba by Oscar Solano, R. Vázquez, J. A. Menéndez, E. Pérez, and M. Figueredo [PDF - 0.1 MB]
pages 9-17
Operational Agrometeorological Services: Regional Perspectives
Perspectives from Regional Association I (Africa) by Haroun Abdalla and Isaac Tarakidwa [PDF - 0.1 MB] pages 18-23
Perspectives from Regional Association II (Asia) by G.A. Kamali, Nguyen Van Viet, and M. Rahimi [PDF - 0.3 MB] pages 24-33
Agrometeorological Services Required Under Emergency Situations: An Example from Afghanistan by Rabah Lekhal and M.F. Zaheer [PDF - 0.1 MB]
pages 34-44
Perspectives from Regional Association III (South America) by Constantino Alarcon Velazco and Miguel Egana [PDF - 0.1 MB]
pages 45-53
Perspectives from Regional Association IV (North & Central America) by Oscar Solano [PDF - 0.1 MB] pages 54-68
Perspectives from Regional Association V (South-West Pacific) by Rizaldi Boer, Flaviana Hilario, Simon McGree, Bonifacio Pajuelas, and Tan Lee Seng [PDF - 0.1 MB]
pages 69-80

Perspectives from Regional Association VI (Europe) by Zoltan Dunkel and Adriana Marica [PDF - 0.7 MB]

pages 81-100
Operational Agrometeorological Services: International Perspectives
Requirements for Agrometeorological Services: International Perspectives by M.V.K. Sivakumar [PDF - 0.1 MB]
pages 101-113
Coordinating Role of the Food and Agriculture Organization in Developing Tools and Methods to Support Food-Security Activities in National Agrometeorological Services by Michele Bernardi and Rene Gommes [PDF - 0.1 MB]

pages 114-124
EU/JRC Agrometeorological Monitoring Approach and National Services: Opportunities and Challenges
by Thierry Negre [PDF - 0.1 MB]

pages 125-127
Strengthening Operational Agrometeorological Services: A Critical Review
Shortcomings and Limitations in the Availability and Application of Agrometeorological Data
by Robert Stefanski [PDF - 0.1 MB]

pages 128-136
Shortcomings and Limitations in Analytical Tools and Methods of Provision of Operational Agrometeorological Services by Jeffrey Andresen [PDF - 0.4 MB]
pages 137-144
Dissemination of Agrometeorological Information   by Sue Walker [PDF - 0.1 MB] pages 145-155
Strengthening Operational Agrometeorological Services: Needs from Agricultural Sector
Current and Potential Functions of National Agrometeorological Services: The Agricultural Demand Side by Istiqlal Amien [PDF - 0.1 MB]
pages 156-170
Establishing and Improving Linkages between National Weather Services and Agricultural Sector: A USDA Perspective by Raymond P. Motha [PDF - 0.1 MB]
pages 171-188
Institutionalizing Climate Information Applications: Indonesian Case  by Rizaldi Boer, Arjunapermal Subbiah, Kusnomo Tamkani, Hery Hardjanto, and Soetarto Alimoeso [PDF - 0.1 MB]
pages 189-198
Operational Agrometeorological Services for Extension Needs and the Supportive Role of Agricultural Research by V.R.K. Murthy and C.J. Stigter [PDF - 0.1 MB]
pages 199-208
A Review of Agrometeorological Monitoring Tools and Methods Used in the West African Sahel by Seydou Traore, Brahima Sidibe, Bakary Djaby, Abdallah Samba, Ali Badara Kaba, Benoît Sarr, Abou Amani, Bonaventure Some, and Job Andigue [PDF - 0.9 MB]

pages 209-220
Advising Growers on Conditions for Sugarcane Burning in Cauca Valley (Colombia) Using Data Obtained from an Automated Weather Network by Enrique Cortes-Betancourt [PDF - 0.9 MB]

pages 221-232
Workshop Evaluation and List of Workshop Participants [PDF - 0.1 MB] pages 235-238