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The Observing System Research and Predictability Experiment (THORPEX)


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  • THORPEX Pacific Asian Regional Campaign (T-PARC)

  • The field phase of T-PARC, the THORPEX Pacific Asian Regional Campaign will begin on 1 August 2008 in an effort to advance knowledge and improve prediction of high impact weather over eastern Asia and the downstream effects of these systems through their interactions with the Asian wave guides. This phase will concentrate on tropical cyclones and their transition into extratropical systems as they move northward and interact with the middle latitude westerlies.

  • A winter component of T-PARC is also planned for January to March 2009. Winter T-PARC is focussed on the science theme of advancing knowledge of the evolution of perturbations from the tropics, Asia and the polar front as they travel through the waveguide(s) and subsequently initiate high-impact weather over the Arctic and North America. The experiment will conduct adaptive measurements and data impact studies aimed at making recommendations on the future of the global observation system.