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WIS 2.0 Demo

WIS 2.0 provides a framework for WMO data sharing in the 21st century, for all WMO members and all the WMO disciplines in domains to embrace the Earth system approach, enable the WMO unified data policy, and support the WMO global basic observing network.

WIS 2.0 is up and running! It is flexible, powerful and easy to adapt. This video will give you a quick demonstration of how WIS 2.0 works.

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WIS 2.0 Demo on YouTube and Vimeo

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wis2box is a reference implementation of a WMO WIS 2.0 node. This video shows how the wis2box-Malawi works. Campbell Automatic Weather Stations in Malawi are sending data in csv-format to an SFTP hosted by WMO. The WMO sftp forwards data to a dedicated wis2box-instance hosted in the cloud. The wis2box converts the csv-data to bufr-format. 

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