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(Updated: 26 May 2023)

WIS 2.0 Video at Cg-19

WIS 2.0 is up and running. WIS 2.0 Pilot Phase started in December 2022. We have got 2 Global Brokers, 2 Global Cache, 2 Global Discovery Catalogue, and around 26 wis2nodes running.

The first WIS 2.0 Training Workshop was also conducted in March 2023 in Namibia.

Check this video for the progress of the WIS 2.0 Pilot Phase. 

(Available here:

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WIS 2.0 Demo

This video will give you a quick demonstration of how WIS 2.0 works, which was presented at INFCOM-II which was held from 22 to 26 October 2022.


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wis2box is a reference implementation of a WMO WIS 2.0 node. This video shows how the wis2box-Malawi works. Campbell Automatic Weather Stations in Malawi are sending data in csv-format to an SFTP hosted by WMO. The WMO sftp forwards data to a dedicated wis2box-instance hosted in the cloud. The wis2box converts the csv-data to bufr-format. 

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