WIS 2.0 in a box


The WIS2-in-a-box project was started in November 2021 to provide a system to share data using the WIS2 framework.

The WIS2box-software is implemented such as to offer the flexibility of being deployed both on private/public cloud or on-premises systems. The main features are:

  • based on existing open-source software widely used in the operations of some WMO Members.
  • allows Members to share data internationally and nationally using message queuing protocols (MQP) and Web services in compliance with WIS2 technical regulations
  • provides Web APIs complying with Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards, making access to data extremely easy from all common languages (Python, R, ...) and many open-source and proprietary programs (Excel).

Demonstration instances of WIS2-in-a-box can be viewed at https://demo.wis2box.wis.wmo.int.

Hosting your own WIS2-in-a-box

The WIS2-in-box user guide, detailing how to setup your own WIS2 box, is available here: https://docs.wis2box.wis.wmo.int

Contributing to development

WIS2-box is an open-source project with Apache 2.0 license permitting free use, commercialization, and modifications. If you like to contribute to development or report an issue, please visit the GitHub repository herehttps://github.com/wmo-im/wis2box 


wis2box timeline

                                                 Figure 1: WIS2 in a box implementation roadmap

In Figure 1 the implementation roadmap of the project is reported. WIS2 box was ready to be installed on Amazon Web Services in early April to support the experimental observation exchange project in Malawi. The continuous evolution of the software has allowed the implementation of WIS2 required features and a fully WIS2 compliant version will be available by December. WIS2 box will be a key component of the WIS 2.0 pilot phase.

More information can be found here.