WMO Greenhouse Gas Bulletins

WMO Greenhouse Gas Bulletin

WMO publishes the Annual Greenhouse Gas Bulletins. Each year, these bulletins will report the latest trends and atmospheric burdens of the most influential, long-lived greenhouse gases; carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), and nitrous oxide (N2O), as well as a summary of the contributions of the lesser gases. The Bulletins represent the consensus of a consortium of networks operated since the mid 1980s. Summary information from the Greenhouse Gas Bulletins is included in the WMO State of the Global Climate reports and to the "United in Science" report. 

The Bulletin has diverse topics for the cover story and for the central insert that reflect on the added value of the atmospheric observations and highlight specific processes that control variability and trends of the major greenhouse gases. The Bulletin also highlights some individual stations that contribute to the global network of the long-term high-quality greenhouse gas observations.

The launch of the Greenhouse Gas Bulletins is associated with the press-conference led by the WMO Secretary General. The press-conference of the most recent launch is available here. 

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