WMO Marine Services Course

The WMO Marine Services Course has been developed as a result of several decisions at the World Meteorological Congress-18 (2019) to strengthen the capacity of Members to deliver services, and in particular marine services.


The Course:

    • Is in 2 Phases, the first Online, and the second Phase is hybrid (Online and Face to Face);
    • Is designed to specifically address the need to develop the capacity of meteorological services to deliver better marine services and know their customers; 
    • Contributes to the marine weather competency standards;
    • Is coordinated by the WMO Secretariat, through the ETR Office and Marine Services Division; and
    • Will initially be rolled out in regional settings, over a 5-year period, starting in 2020 (See Implementation Plan here).


 So far, the status of implementation is as follows:  

  Final report   Final report   Final report  Final report Final report     

Timeline of Marine Services Course



For further information about marine services and WMO competencies, see below:


The On-line Survey Assessment of National Marine and Coastal Services (2018)

Compendium of WMO Competency Frameworks (WMO No. 1209) (2019)

Infographics on Marine Services Course (2021)