WMO Marine Services Course

The WMO Marine Services Course has been developed as a result of several decisions at the World Meteorological Congress-18 (2019) to strengthen the capacity of Members to deliver services, and in particular marine services.


The Course:

    • Is in 2 Phases, the first Online, and the second Phase is hybrid (Online and Face to Face);
    • Is designed to specifically address the need to develop the capacity of meteorological services to deliver better marine services and know their customers; 
    • Contributes to the marine weather competency standards;
    • Is coordinated by the WMO Secretariat, through the ETR Office and Marine Services Division; and
    • Will initially be rolled out in regional settings, over a 5-year period, starting in 2020 (See Implementation Plan here).


 So far, the status of implementation is as follows:  

  Final report   Final report   Final report  Final report Final report     

Timeline of Marine Services Course



For further information about marine services and WMO competencies, see below:


The On-line Survey Assessment of National Marine and Coastal Services (2018)

Compendium of WMO Competency Frameworks (WMO No. 1209) (2019)

Poster for the SYMET Conference (2021) 

Infographics for WMO Marine Services Course (May 2023)