WMO Technical Progress Report on the Global Data-Processing and Forecasting System (GDPFS) and Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) Research 2015


WMO Technical Progress Report on

the Global Data-Processing and Forecasting System (GDPFS)

and Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) Research


List of contributions received since 2001


Following a recommendation of some Members, as a measure to avoid duplication of efforts, it was agreed to combine two important reports - the Annual WWW Technical Progress Report on the Global Data-Processing and Forecasting System (GDPFS) and the Annual Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) Progress Report - into one, starting with the report for the year 2005.

This combined annual publication serves as one way of updating Members on the rapidly evolving and emerging facilities, research and services being implemented at GDPFS/NWP Centres as requirements and technology advance.  This comprehensive review plays also an important role in ensuring WMO’s support at global, regional and national levels, through the successful implementation and operation of the Global Data-Processing and Forecasting System.

The list of countries which contributed for 2015 or a previous year is listed below.  The contributions should contain the operationally implemented GDPFS activities as well as the related NWP research activities, and the Long-range Forecasting Progress Report and also the report on specialized numerical predictions addressing the increased demand for specialized numerical predictions for sea waves, storm surge, sea ice, marine pollution transport and weathering, tropical cyclones, air pollution transport and dispersion, solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation, air quality forecasting, smoke, sand and dust, etc.

Combining all the information of reports available at the WMO Secretariat (including list of computers used for data processing) a summary is available (click on) at STATUS OF WMO FORECASTING CENTRES RELATIVE TO NUMERICAL MODELS for 2015.  When provided in the reports, the GEOGRAPHICAL DOMAINS OF LIMITED AREA MODELS are also listed.



ECMWF (2015)

Latvia (2013)

Algeria (2013)

Lithuania (2012)

Argentina (2013)

Libya (2015)

Armenia (2015)

Madagascar (2008)

Australia (2010)

Malaysia (2011)

Austria (2015)

Montenegro (2008)

Belarus (2012)

Morocco (2006)

Belgium (2008)

Mozambique (2015)

Bolivia (2010)

Myanmar (2015)

Bosnia and Herzegovina (2008)

Netherlands (2010)

Botswana (2010)

 New Zealand (2015)

Brazil (2010)

Oman (2015)

Bulgaria (2006)

Pakistan (2015)

Canada (2014)

Panama (2005)

Chile (2015)

Peru (2007)

China (2014)

Poland (2015)

Côte d'Ivoire (2004)

Portugal (2011)

Croatia (2015)

 Qatar (2012)

Cyprus (2015)

Republic of Korea (2015)

Czech Republic (2013)

Romania (2015)

Denmark (2010)

Russian Federation - English (2015)

Ecuador (2008)

Russian Federation - Russian (2015)

Egypt (2015)

Saudi Arabia (2008)

Estonia (2008)

Serbia (2015)

Fiji (2010)

Singapore (2015)

Finland (2015)

Slovakia (2015)

France (2015)

 Slovenia (2012)

Georgia (2004)

Spain (2015)

Germany (2015)

Sri Lanka (2010)

Greece (2013)

Sweden (2015)

Hong Kong, China (2015)

Switzerland (2015)

Hungary (2015)

Thailand (2015)

India (2011)

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (2010)

Indonesia (2009)

Tunisia (2003)

Ireland (2015)

Turkey (2009)

Islamic Republic of Iran (2006)

Ukraine (2015)

Israel (2012)

United Kingdom (2015)

Italy (2015)

United Republic of Tanzania (2009)

Japan (2015)

United States of America (2013)

Kazakhstan (2015)

Uruguay (2008)

Kenya (2013)

Uzbekistan (2015)

Kyrgyzstan (2004)