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The aim of the WMO Fellowships Programme is to support the education and training of qualified and suitable candidates, particularly from least developed and developing countries and Small Island Developing States. WMO may award both short-term (more than one month and less than six months) and long-term (6 months or longer) fellowships, based on recommendations of the Education and Training Committee (ETCOM) and in alignment with the priorities of the Education and Training Programme.



  • Compendium of WMO Fellowships and Training Opportunities (2021
  • Blended group training on Numerical Weather Prediction
    • RTC Algeria -- online phase: 23 May to 24 June 2021 pre-announcement
    • RTC Egypt -- coming soon
    • RTC India -- coming soon
    • RTC Indonesia -- online phase: 20 May to 2 July 2021 pre-announcement

Executive Council (EC-69, 2017) Criteria on Award of Fellowships and Training Sponsorships (En, Fr, Ru, EsArZh)


  • Guidelines for Applying for a WMO Fellowship (2013) EnFrEsRu
  • Cigna Fellowships Insurance FAQ (En, Fr, Es)
  • Cigna Insurance Booklet (En, Fr, Es)

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