GBON - Global Basic Observing Network

GBONThe Global Basic Observing Network (GBON) paves the way for a radical overhaul of the international exchange of observational data, which underpin all weather, climate and water services and products.

Local weather forecasts depend on access to 24/7 global observations. But there are large geographical gaps in availability. In some parts of the world observations are either not made or not exchanged internationally, and in other parts they are not made or exchanged frequently enough.

GBON is a fundamental element of WIGOS. It represents a new approach in which the basic surface-based observing network is designed, defined and monitored at the global level. Once implemented, GBON will improve the availability of the most essential surface-based data, which will have a direct positive impact on the quality of weather forecasts, thus helping improve the safety and well-being of citizens throughout the world.

GBON can be implemented relatively quickly by most WMO Members in the developed world. But in many developing countries additional investment and capacity development will be needed. To that end WMO will be working closely with the international development and climate finance communities. 

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