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Expert Team on Satellites

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Expert Team on Satellite Systems (ET-SAT) (a) Under the direction of the chairperson of the OPAG-IOS, undertake tasks and provide advice on and support for the implementation of the WIGOS framework and the priority activities of the WIGOS pre-operational phase;(b) Assess and document, in the framework of the WMO Rolling Review of Requirements, the actual and planned capabilities of operational and R&D satellites constituting the space-based component of WIGOS and their adequacy to meet the WMO requirements for satellite data and products. This will be achieved in considering the information provided by participating agencies as well as the outcome of the Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellites (CGMS) and the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS), including, for example, the progress of CEOS constellations. The feedback from WMO should be communicated to CGMS and CEOS;(c) Provide technical advice with respect to both operational and R&D environmental satellites to assist in the implementation of integrated WMO-coordinated observing systems;(d) Assess progress of R&D and demonstration satellite systems, and identify opportunities and/or problem areas concerning satellite technology and plans;(e)Oversee the development and review of OSCAR so that it meets the needs of WIGOS for information concerning space-based observing systems capabilities for both programmatic and technical aspects of the systems;(f) Coordinate with IPET-SUP and other relevant teams on satellite related matters;(g) Provide advice and support to the chairperson of OPAG-IOS, and report on all activities relevant to its Terms of Reference.