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Inter-Programme Expert Team on Satellite Utilization and Products (IPET-SUP)

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Inter-Programme Expert Team on Satellite Utilization and Products (IPET-SUP) (a) Under the direction of the chairperson of the OPAG-IOS, undertake tasks and provide advice on and support for the implementation of the WIGOS framework and the priority activities of the WIGOS pre-operational phase;(b) Monitor the progress of satellite data availability and use by WMO Members, related issues and expectations, with the aim to publish findings and recommendations in a WMO document;(c) Coordinate with ET-SAT and IPET-OSDE on the evolution of the space-based component of Global Observing Systems;(d) Initiate and promote activities to improve the availability of operational and R&D satellite data according to user needs, monitor these activities in close coordination with the relevant working groups, regional associations and with WIS activities;(e) Review present and future R&D satellite data and products including their availability and potential applications, and provide advice with a view to increased utilization by WMO Members;(f) Review, and assist in addressing, the needs of WMO Members and regional associations for information regarding satellite capabilities and in particular access to and utilization of satellite data and products;(g) Promote development and harmonization of satellite data and products responding to WMO Members’ needs, and develop and update relevant elements of the WIGOS Regulatory and Guidance materials, including the Manual and the Guide to the GOS, and the WIGOS Data Quality Monitoring System;(h) Keep under review the needs of WMO Members for training in satellite meteorology and related fields, and engage with the Management Group of the Virtual Laboratory for Education and Training in Satellite Meteorology (VLab) to address these needs, towards full utilization of satellite data from operational and R&D satellites, in accordance with the 2015-2019 Virtual Laboratory Training Strategy;(i) Holding joint and/or overlapping meetings with ET-SAT as appropriate, to facilitate interaction between users and providers of satellite systems, data and products;(j) Coordinate with ET-SAT with a view to making recommendations and receiving input on matters, such as the exchange, management, and archiving of satellite data and products, radio frequency utilization, as well as education and training and other appropriate capacity-building measures related to the use of satellite data in all WMO Programmes, including support to resource mobilization activities;(k)Oversee the development and review of OSCAR so that it meets the needs of WIGOS for information concerning user assessments of space-based observing systems capabilities;(l) Coordinate with WMO technical commissions and Programmes, including co-sponsored programmes, activities related to satellite utilization and products, through ex-officio membership on the Team;(m) Provide advice and support to the chairperson of OPAG-IOS, and report on all activities relevant to its Terms of Reference.