Expert Team on Measurement Uncertainty (ET-MU)

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Terms of Reference

Under the direction of the Chair of INFCOM/SC-MINT, the Expert Team on Measurement Uncertainty (ET-MU) shall undertake tasks and provide advice on and support for the implementation of the WIGOS framework and the priority activities of the WIGOS operational phase 2020-2023, in accordance with the SC-MINT Terms of Reference; in particular:
1. Identify ambiguities within the Annex on Operational Measurement Uncertainty Requirements and Instrument Performance (WMO-No. 8, Volume I, Chapter 1, Annex 1.A.) and differences between this Annex and uncertainty requirements in WMO Observing Systems Capability Analysis and Review Tool (OSCAR), and propose solutions, as appropriate.
2. Update the Annex on Operational Measurement Uncertainty Requirements and Instrument Performance of the WMO-No. 8 (Volume I, Chapter 1, Annex 1.A), taking into consideration the uncertainty requirements published in the OSCAR/Requirements database, which are stated as mandatory requirements in the Manual on WIGOS (WMO-No. 1160).
3. Liaise with the other relevant groups on identifying variables that should be included in the Annex (such as Essential Climate Variables (ECV) and the Essential Oceanographic Variables (EOV)).
4. Collaborate with relevant groups of other SCs to improve the OSCAR/Requirements database by implementing the internationally approved definitions on measurement uncertainty, published by BIPM.
5. Ensure consistency between the required over-arching Overall Measurement Uncertainties and the Siting Classification Scheme and Measurement Quality Classification scheme, and their implementation in the real world.
6. Develop mechanisms for ensuring consistency for expression of measurement uncertainty among WMO publications, in the future.

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