Expert Team on Radiation References (ET-RR)

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Terms of Reference

Under the direction of the Chair of INFCOM/SC-MINT, the Expert Team on Radiation References (ET-RR) shall undertake tasks and provide advice on and support for the implementation of the WIGOS framework and the priority activities of the WIGOS operational phase 2020-2023, in accordance with the SC-MINT Terms of Reference; it will in particular assess the current status of the solar and terrestrial radiation references and address implications of proposed changes to those references, by:
1. Reviewing and reporting to SC-MINT on the recent developments of reference instruments for solar and terrestrial radiation with regard to observed differences to references currently in use;
2. Assessing the status of the World Standard Group and of the World Infrared Standard Group;
3. Assessing potential impact and consequences of a change in solar/terrestrial reference scales for stakeholders;
4. Making recommendations on requirements and timeliness for a modification of the current references, and if required develop an implementation plan for the change (including proposing how to deal with old data and timelines for its introduction);
5. Providing regular progress reports and a final report with recommendations to SC-MINT;
6. Proposing update of the relevant parts of the WMO Guide to Instruments and Methods of Observation (WMO-No. 8), and other WMO guidance and regulatory publications, as necessary.

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