Expert Team on Transitioning to Modern Measurement (ET-TMM)

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Terms of Reference

Under the direction of the Chair of INFCOM/SC-MINT, the Expert Team on Transitioning to Modern Measurement (ET-TMM) shall undertake tasks and provide advice on and support for the implementation of the WIGOS framework and the priority activities of the WIGOS operational phase 2020-2023, in accordance with the SC-MINT Terms of Reference; in particular to support the uptake of modern measurement methods by Members:
1. Develop training modules, in collaboration with WMO ETR and RTCs, and based on recently updated WMO guidance material, on priority topics of interest to Members.
2. Finalize strategy for transition to automation and develop training material (preferably e-learning courses) on implementation of the strategy, and update relevant WMO guidance and regulatory publications, as appropriate.
3. Develop short training modules, and outreach material, to sensitize users and managers on the importance and challenges of measurements, and related quality issues.
4. Promote sharing of experience on transitioning to modern measurements and on adapting to Minamata Convention on Mercury, including through the organization of training workshops and technical conferences.
5. Collaborate with SC-MINT expert teams to regularly gather noteworthy SC-MINT news items and relevant new publications/training materials, and arrange to publish these via the WMO website (IMOP Knowledge-sharing Portal, WMO Global Campus, etc.).
6. Regularly review, and update as required, relevant chapters of WMO-No. 8 relevant to the ET working area (especially chapter on Training of Instrument Specialists).
7. In collaboration with ETR and RTCs, monitor Member training requirements and availability of training courses/material from a SC-MINT perspective, identify areas that are not appropriately covered by existing training and guidance material, and make proposals to SC-MINT on possible gaps and topics that should be addressed as a priority.

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