GCW - Permafrost Best Practices Task Team


Dr Andrea MERLONE - Co-chair - ( Italy )
Dr Anna M. Irrgang - Co-chair - ( Germany )
Dr Ketil Isaksen - Member - ( Norway )

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Terms of Reference

• Identify measured variables and their common methods of measurement, the instrumentation used and their configuration;
• Make recommendations to the WIGOS Metadata Standard on representative measured variables (for registration in the OSCAR Surface database), and related configuration metadata (measurement methods, etc.);
• Conduct survey on the currently measured variables and measurement methods: reach out to known projects, stations and experts, and survey literature;
• Inventory known projects, initiatives, and programmes;
• Summarize metadata and data reporting methods, standards, and formats, as used;
• Identify data centres where data is stored and is available from, including data accessibility aspects;
• Identify and document discrepancies and gaps regarding measured variables, measurement methods, metadata and data used versus needed;
• Assessed linkages between permafrost measured variables and the Permafrost ECVs;
• Make recommendations regarding the assessment of traceability, comparability, and uncertainty of measurements.
• Compile and draft best practices and recommend guidelines for publication by WMO, including on addressing discrepancies (observations, data access, data harmonization, etc.).

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