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RA II Expert Group on Climate Services


Mr Tshencho DORJI - Leader - ( Bhutan )
Dr Pulak GUHATHAKURTA - Leader - ( India )
Dr Dildar Hussain KAZMI - Coordinator - ( Pakistan )
Mr Yasushi TAKATSUKI - Coordinator - ( Japan )
Dr WANG, Zunya - Leader - ( China )

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Terms of Reference

(i) To foster, promote and advise on the implementation of the GFCS, particularly its Climate Services Information System and User Interface Platform, in the Region, in close alignment with the country-focused results-based framework and mechanism for WMO contributions to the GFCS
(ii) To assist and advise the president of RA II on all matters relevant to implementation and operation of RCCs in the Region
(iii) To monitor the progress made in the recovery and digitization of climate data and in the implementation of Climate Data Management Systems (CDMSs) and promote the use of Climate Data Management System Specifications (WMO-No. 1131) when designing and implementing new CDMSs
(iv) To promote the use of best practices for data homogenization by NMHSs and RCCs
(v) To promote access to and use of products disseminated by Global Producing Centres for Long-range Forecasts, RCCs and Regional Climate Outlook Forums (RCOFs) in climate services at the national level
(vi) To seek cooperation with relevant regional bodies and organizations on issues related to implementation of user-targeted climate services for key sectors (for example, agriculture, water resources and health), including fostering and promoting best practices in establishing national frameworks for climate services and in implementing National Climate Outlook Forums and National Climate Forums
(vii) To identify the optimal means of meeting regional and national needs for climate information, products and services for climate risk management and adaptation
(viii) To promote best practices in and to advise on implementation of new RCOFs
(ix) To promote best practices in climate system monitoring and operational climate watch initiatives
(x) To promote regionally coordinated capacity development activities in support of climate services
(xi) To promote and advise on research initiatives required to improve operational production of climate products
(xii) To share knowledge and information on implementation of climate services across Members in the Region
(xiii) To report, through the coordinator of the Expert Group on Climate Services, to the chairperson of the Working Group on Climate Services annually

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