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RA II Expert Group on Hydrological Applications

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Terms of Reference

(i) To improve water resources assessment techniques making use of information on climate variability and change thus enabling managers of water resources systems to take action to adapt to changing climate
(ii) To develop material on best practices for advancing national and regional use of hydrological forecasting for management of hydrological extremes, including floods, droughts and sediment-related disasters
(iii) To develop material and provide guidance on modelling of cryosphere components within hydrological modelling with an emphasis on their contributions to streamflow discharge and ground water
(iv) To improve national and regional hydrological forecasting and warning capabilities by making use of the WMO Flood Forecasting Initiative as a platform, including implementation of the Flash Flood Guidance System, with a global implementation project for issuance of riverine flood, flash flood and urban flash flood warnings
(v) To improve national and regional drought forecasting and prediction capabilities for disaster risk management

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