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RA VI Task Team on Data Policy

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Terms of Reference

(a) To follow up on RA VI-related resolutions and decisions,

(b) To closely collaborate with the INFCOM Study Group on Data Issues and Policies,

(c) To cooperate closely with the regional and inter-regional entities of WMO and partner institutions, (d) To take overall responsibility for the implementation of Resolution 15 (RA VI-17) - Public-private Engagement,

(e) To support the review of the existing WMO data policies, spelt out in (i) Resolution 40 (Cg-XII) - WMO policy and practice for the exchange of meteorological and related data and products including guidelines on relationships in commercial meteorological activities, (ii) Resolution 25 (Cg-XIII) - Exchange of hydrological data and products, (iii) Resolution 60 (Cg-17) - WMO policy for the international exchange of climate data and products to support the implementation of the Global Framework for Climate Services.

(2) To invite Michael Staudinger (Austria), to serve as the team leader and Ms/Mr _____ (Member State) to serve as vice-leader. (To be updated during/after the session).

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